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Finding new ways to open up our children's experiences and imagination is at the heart of what we aim to achieve and we are therefore delighted to welcome the fabulous Drama Llamas team to Noah's Ark. Drama Llamas will be visiting us onsite on a regular basis at no additional cost to parents.

Key workers and Journals

Our key worker system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for their children. In addition, the key worker is in a position to tailor the group’s curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child.

We are able to implement an excellent record keeping system in which observations of the children in the group and at home are used as a basis for drawing up a curriculum for each child.

We have formed a partnership with Menace Sports, a fantastic, local team with years of experience in coaching junior sports. For Noah's Ark, the Menace Sports team provide regular sessions on site, specifically tailored to our children. We consider an early introduction to health and physical development an essential part of our childrens wellbeing, and therefore we offer these sessions on a complimentary basis as part of our core curriculum at no extra cost.

Special Occasions

  • Children’s birthdays are celebrated.

  • We celebrate Harvest and Easter.

  • At Christmas, the children take part in a Nativity play.

  • We hold a Teddy Bears Picnic at the end of the year.

  • There is a day out to Stockwood Park in the summer.

  • We also hold a Parent Lunch.

  • We have a card making Workshop just before Mother's Day.

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